Making Bomb Proof Bedliner

Final experiment for bedliner bedlam.....the bomb. 

If you coat your house in bedliner, you can make it blast, proof all right.

Here'S what I'm thinking! 

Four walls, total cinderblock walls, one coated, one knot and two standard wood frame walls, one coated one!
Then we detonate an explosive see how the net stands all right, then we'll see how strong the stuff really is and quick as a flash they've knocked up those four walls for a test.

So we have two sets of walls, wood ones, and cinderblock ones, and we're gonna see how well the bedliner does against an explosion. A lot of people ask me: do you ever get tired of blowing stuff up? I tell them. No, I don't it'll be a blast times four, but that's not good news for buster, so he plays Buster right in the middle of our wood frame house he's got no instrumentation inside of him. This is just a visual test, well see if the walls fall in on him on this side of the wall. I'M setting up the black c4 is exactly five feet away instead of the wall unless he explodes it's gon na be putting out a blast. Load of 95 psi see how the wood wall handled okay. This is the control test for bedliner. Here we go great. What that wall - oh yeah, Cajun, busser, unsurprisingly, the code-compliant wooden wall between Buster and the c-4 failed, looks like we just put a new door in. I, like our c4 remodeling now, if this bedliner has any hope of working at all, what it's got to do is contain most, if not all this and keep it from hitting buster my prediction, I don't fix it well to fight out its relocation. Relocation as buster is moved to an identical wooden home.

Good luck, Buster you're, gonna need it all, except the coating of bedliner now for the bedliner house, same fantasy for the same distance, all right. This is a wood wall with bedliner versus c4. Do it in three two one clears in what does Wow the wall is still together, no right, but we got to check the inside. It stopped the shockwave from breaking through the wall. That'S incredible! This is in remarkably good shape, all right. Well, let's blast her from the outside: let's check the inside, oh, I would have to say this is totally blast-proof. Amazingly, the coated wooden walls are indeed bomb-proof, but can bedliner hold the c-4 wolf away for the cinder blocks? Now we are moving on to the cinderblock wall, but we are going to double the amount of c4. The reason is that the amount that we use on the wood walls would not do any damage to the cinderblock wall. All in all, it's just another brick in the wall. It is doing so. We are also increasing the amount of blast load from 95 psi to 1,400 psi. We'Re gonna set off c4 in front of both walls and see what happened so first to find out what double the c4 does to their cinderblock control in three two one: Oh Wow back out. It go just like the wood wall, but it pushed all the bricks out of the water and, I would have to say, buster, probably didn't survive this blast all right. Well, uh, let's see what the bedliner dad! Okay, that was pretty impressive for the ultimate test of bedliner. Buster has his back to the reinforced wall, but will it be enough to protect him from a c4 blast? This is bedliner on a cinderblock wall in three C's smoke rise, yeah, that's a big black mark, but I don't think it did any damage from the front. It'S looking good for blast-proof bedliner, guys, looking really good from this side. Yeah, there's hardly any damage. It'S just dirt: let's look at the other side, Buster survived, so bedliner is blast-proof totally blast-proof. This one's confirmed as it turns out bedliner, has amazing blast proofing qualities. We sprayed it on a wood wall. Here it kept the wall together, showering busted with debris nowhere with our cinderblock wall, it totally devastated the back of the wall, crumbled, everything debris everywhere and here on our treated cinderblock wall, not a scratch on it. Bedliner is a blast proofing.

Agent confirmed, that's incredible and I've got a new application for bedliner huh, that's awesome stuff. What else can we do with it? Wow, let's see if we can make stuff both room without shark room. What about bear proof? You
May 23, 2019

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