If you're aiming to start a brand-new business, spray-on truck bedliners are a high-demand business.


How to Start a Spray-On Bedliner Business
Beginning any business comes with huge dedication and the spraying of chemicals highlights a huge responsibility on safety for you, your employees, and your client. Nevertheless, with the ideal training, securely beginning a polyurea bed liner business can be done in days.

Get Spray-In Bed Liner Training
The first step in beginning a business including chemicals is getting the appropriate training for you and your group. Having actually an accredited expert in the field is necessary to correctly understand how to utilize equipment, maintain equipment, and use products. At ArmorThane, they teach you security first. With our tailored technique, we will address your concerns and ensure you are prepared to start your business with self-confidence. Throughout our one or two-day sessions you will deal with real equipment that is utilized on the job site, discover how to maintain the equipment, and use real material in their training space.

Product Needed for Polyurea Bed Liner Applications
The product used to spray on a truck bedliner is typically referred to as "Polyurea". Polyurea and polyurea hybrids are plural-component products that develop a protected and durable coat of material developed to last for many years. The Polyurea material is sprayed at heats and high pressure developing a thick self-adhering rubber vapor barrier. There are a number of Polyurea material makers to select from, but we can advise products for you.

Reaching Clients That Are Searching For Polyurea Truck Bedliners

Finding your target market for polyurea bed liners is key. Consider whether you want to work at the client's area or exclusively in your store. Having consumers travel to you eliminates any extra steps needed to prevent chemical exposure. Spraying polyurea inside your store allows you to produce a consistent and safe environment with appropriate PPE. Lastly, how far do you want to reach clients? Someone located two hours away may not be as most likely to take a trip to your area as someone that is 30 minutes away. If you are interested in becoming a mobile bedliner applicator, check out ArmorThane's fully customized mobile coating units.

Equipment Needed for Polyurea Truck Bed Liners
For spraying polyurea bedliners, you will need high-pressure plural component equipment. ArmorThane supplies the industry's leading equipment at a budget-friendly cost. Training is always free with your equipment purchase.

Whether you're going to the client's location or spraying inside your storage facility, ArmorThane's high-quality spray equipment will provide everything you require. 
Market-leading Graco and PMC proportioning pump units are just a couple of examples of the top quality product brands that ArmorThane carries as part of their equipment bundles. Typically described as an equipment bundle, this A la Carte approach enables the most options and customizations.
Check out what bundle options you can purchase from ArmorThane below.

Get started with your Spray-On Bedliner business today!