Plasma Spray Coating

Spray-on bedliners can be applied by roller, low pressure, cartridge driven by an air compressor or high pressure machine” (Wikipedia). In contrast, spray-in bedliners adhere to your truck bed meaning they can't easily be taken out once installed.

ArmorThane provide corrosion protection, resistance to abrasion and skid superior product also provides coating of urethane or expanded polystyrene foam insulation, waterproofing of structures and protection of concrete from acids and alkaline materials. Truck box liners cover the floor of your truck bed and the walls in their entirety meaning you get full protection when hauling your gear from point A to B. Bedliners are made from heavy duty polyurethane rubber, marine grade carpet, molded foam or hard plastic. Plasma Spraying is a Thermal Spraying Process that uses an arc as a heat source that ionizes an inert gas to melt a coating material which is finally propelled onto the substrate.

One of the applications of spray technology is the fabrication of coatings and thin films. However, although spin coating has been proved to be a useful experimental technique in laboratory, its disadvantages, such as the low material utilization, the incompatibility with streamline production and a strict requirement to the viscidity of solution, are still evident 10 , 11 In generally, the small molecular organic materials have limited solubility and small molecular mass 7 , 12 , resulting in their relatively small viscidity so that it's hard to use them to fabricate thin films by spin coating process. Plasma spray coatings probably account for the widest range of thermal spray coatings and applications and make this process the most versatile.

Plasma Spray-coating processes are often used to provide surface protection of materials exposed to hostile environments, which induce degradation through factors such as wear, corrosion, or outright thermal failure. HVOF coating is a high-velocity, low-temperature spraying process used for the production of metallic and hard facing coatings. At APS Materials Inc., we specialize in customizing our thermal spray coatings for customers that require unique applications.

Thickness range is 20 microns to several mm, depending on the process and feedstock), over a large area at high deposition rate as compared to other coating processes such as electroplating , physical and chemical vapor deposition Coating materials available for thermal spraying include metals, alloys, ceramics, plastics and composites. Thermal spraying techniques are coating processes in which melted (or heated) materials are sprayed onto a surface. Key players in the global market include Metallisation, Air Products & Chemicals Surface Technology, TST Engineered Coating Solutions, Flame Spray Coating Co., Praxair Surface Technologies.

Thermal spraying is an industrial coating process that consists of a heat source (flame or other) and a coating material in a powder or wire form which is literally melted into tiny droplets and sprayed onto surfaces at high velocity. Plasma spray coatings probably account for the widest range of thermal spray coatings and applications and makes this process the most versatile. In 2012, U.S. demand for all diisocyanates, as a raw material in the production of polyurethanes, was 2,305.2 million pounds, while the demand for use of polymeric MDI in rigid foam, which is used in a range of end-use applications including spray polyurethane foam, was 878.5 million pounds.

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