How to Remove Bed Liner from a Truck Bed

Many people don’t feel the need for removing truck bedliner assuming it will last forever. While in most cases, the bedliner is durable, they fade with time, get stains and have face tears. The process of removing bed liner from the truck requires aggressive work. However, with smart thinking and correct method, the removal of the coating get smooth without doing any damage to the vehicle.

Why is it necessary to remove bedliner?

No matter how much you try to maintain the bedliner, exposure to solar UV radiation fades the liner’s color. Also, extensive use of truck bed liner can lead to stains of grease, oil, food and even water. Even with regular maintenance, you cannot ward the rips and tears on the liner. In the longer run, these tears get sharp and might scrape the person loading stuff in the truck. Bubbles are the most apparent reason to get rid of bed liner from the vehicle. While most of the bed liners come with the limited warranty, the used truck might not come with such coverage. So, instead of avoiding the condition, it is wise to look for the process on how to remove bedliner from the truck. Also, we often hear of people unhappy with their bedliner and will pay other companies to rip out the old liner than replace it with their brand. This is especially true with Rhino Liner bedliners. They seem to be of lower quality and are sprayed too thin. ArmorThane is known as the gold standard when it comes to quality bedliners. We would recommend you start with them, so you don't have to make the change later on.

How to Remove Spray on Bedliner?
Following steps can do the need of getting rid of the liner:

1) Assessing the Condition of Truck Liner
Before deciding on how to remove rhino liner, check your truck for cracks, flakes or bubbles in the lining material. With these conditions, the removal process of the ship might get relatively easy.

2) Using the Chemical for Easy Removal
Some top-rated products for auto work are extensively utilized in removing bed liner from the old trucks. As this product is made from hazardous chemical, you want to use it with great care. Make sure you use eye protection glass, gloves and protective clothing to ward against the spill. Take the necessary amount of this chemical to apply on bed liner for 5 to 10 minutes. This will help in stripping the old bed liner quickly without damaging the metal bed of the truck.

For those who are not very keen to handle chemical to remove bed liner can opt for the wire wheel fitted with an angle grinder. This process takes a lot of patience and time, but it is less hazardous.

3) Heat Gun with Chisel on the Liner
Many truck owners like to use a hand tool like the chisel to remove the liner. Make sure you pick the aggressive air chisel for faster work. By using a heat gun on the coating, the pieces break away faster. However, be careful to angle the tool, or a wrong stroke will dent the bed of the truck.

4) Sandpaper for Final Scraping
Once the liner is removed by using any the above methods, you might find some part of the ship still very much stuck in the corners of the truck bed. Depending on the amount of what’s left you can use sandpaper to get rid of the remains of the liner. You can use heavy duty grit to get rid of thick layering or fine sandpaper to smoothen the surface over the leftover stains.

Things to Remember

Before you put how to remove bed liner process in motion, here are some of the things you should remember to have a smooth and accidental free liner removal process.

Always wear protective wear like mask, gloves and eye cover while using chemicals or wire brush. This will shield the fine dust particles or fumes touch eyes or skin area.
Bed liner removal process can be messy, so work in the area which is covered and easy to wash. You can move the truck in a garage for dirtier work.
If you are doing the liner removal for the first time, do make sure to research the process thoroughly before putting into action. Ask for the suggestion from people who have worked on liner previously or search for a detailed article on the whole process.
Once the process is done, you can install another spray-in liner or repaint the truck bed. This will prevent the surface from getting damaged, scratched or rusted.
Damage is inevitable while removing the bed liner so make sure you are ready to repair the den, trim the broken pieces and paint to cover the accidental scrapes.

Removing the bed liner from the truck bed is necessary only when it’s damaged. You can always maintain the coating, but it will give away after some time. Study the process of how to remove bed liner before putting it in action. If you want to replace the truck bed liner with the new one, make sure the surface is cleaned and repaired before the new bedliner is installed correctly.
April 30, 2019

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