Nation's Biggest Chevy Dealer States That "80 Percent of Trucks Sold with Bedliner"

Majority of Liners Sprayed-In at Dealer

Over the past week, Chevrolet certainly stirred up a bees nest of controversy with its new series of videos and ad spots that drop a load of paver bricks and a metal toolbox in the separate beds of the Silverado 1500 and Ford F-150. According to the videos, the drops dented the Silverado bed but positively gouged and pierced the F-150 bed. While doing the visual presentation on bare metal beds is perhaps the fairest apples-to-apples comparison of the beds' toughness, we wondered how realistic the presentation was of trucks on the road and the Jobsite.

According to Mark Allen, sales director for Classic Chevrolet in Grapevine, Texas, the nation's largest-volume Chevrolet dealer, the staged video presentations are not representative of most trucks on the road, at least not those sold by the dealership. Allen said 80 percent of the new trucks sold by Classic is equipped with bedliners, and of those, the vast majority are spray in bedliners applied at the dealership. Of the customers that opt for bedliners, only 10 percent select a drop-in liner. The dealership uses the ArmorThane's ArmorLiner bedliner applied on-site.

Hank Strathman, manager for ArmorThane in Springfield, Missouri, which does the majority of spray-on liner applications for nearby dealerships, said he estimates more than 50 percent of the new trucks sold by the dealers get a spray liner at the time of purchase. Of those customers that don't opt for a liner at purchase, as many as 25 percent end up coming back to get one applied. As was the case with the other dealers we contacted, most trucks furnished by the dealership are not equipped with the factory-applied bedliner.

Strathman said he believed the factory-applied liners were an "inferior product" with a much thinner application and cost being the main factor for the OEMs. ArmorThane also does substantial business with the local Ford dealer and says a similar or greater percentage of Ford trucks are purchased with a spray liner applied at the dealer.

George Lezon, vice president of operations at Line-X, said whether you're purchasing new or used, a liner can help increase the truck's durability and utility. "Trucks are built to be workhorses, whether for work or pleasure, but protection is key for maintaining value over the life of the truck. Whether you've got a brand-new truck or a used truck, a liner can help extend the useful life of the vehicle."

 Jon Boat Mods: Rubber Coating the Interior - YouTube

If you are managing your boat by yourself, I am sure you have been browsing around about the tips for maintenance and treatment for your vehicle.

The boat, just like other units which are exposed to the water, could experience corrosion if their surface is not protected. We don’t have to be a scientist to notice that the effects of water can be excruciating to your boat. If left untreated, the rust and corrosion can contribute to the failure functions in your boat. Not a single vessel can survive the harm of water exposure, not without the coatings.

Whether you are running a boat renting business or using your boat for personal reasons, it is crucial to add the coatings to your boat.
The ArmorThane Coatings are the best solution for boat coatings. ArmorThane coatings are matured products which come with high quality solutions for any marine application. The product protects your boat against water exposure and abrasion. If you treat your boat experience seriously, then adding the ArmorThane coatings in your inventory shouldn’t be a big deal.

So, why ArmorThane coatings?

Protect your boat from water corrosion
 The last thing you want from your boat condition is when it becomes corrosive.

You might have seen the condition somewhere in other people’s fishing boats. You know how corrosion can affect the performance of the boat badly. To a certain extent, it can also be life-threatening. Apply the ArmorThane coatings to prevent anything bad from happening.

Your boat’s appeals

The ArmorThane coatings can make your boat look new and appealing. It will attract the buyers or renters to check your boat deeper. The new paint job has never failed the boat users. In fact, the coating is one of the most effective ways to improve the value of your boat.

Jon Boat Mods: Painting the Floor & Interior - YouTube
Anti-slip solution which will keep everybody safe

There have been numerous cases of incidents due to slipping and falling on a slick surface. The sad truth is that many boat owners do not realize this. As it is related to the water activities, the water can quickly splashed to the flooring. The slick surface can be dangerous for anyone.the ArmorThane coatings provide anti-slip solution so that everybody can walk on your boat with peace of mind.
 Boat Keels | LINE-X
The pristine condition of your boat

Obviously, you will want to keep your boat in prime condition all the time. The ArmorThane coatings can protect all parts of your boat from impact and outer elements. It will keep everything in pristine condition. Although it does not look that way, we can say that it provides invisible armor to your boat. So, don’t worry if the activities are a bit rigorous out there. By applying the ArmorThane coatings on your boat, the scratch and scrape can be handled by it.

Contact ArmorThane now for more information about spray coatings for your boat.

Troubleshooting for a Graco Reactor 2 Integrated Elite E-XP2i ...
Plural-component spray equipment can be utilized for using spray polyurethane foam (SPF), polyurea, urethanes, and epoxies. If you supply spray used services, it is necessary to do every little thing you can to maintain your plural-component devices and sprayers in good condition whatsoever times to reduce downtime and upkeep costs. Follow these 5 standards to obtain one of the most out of your tools with every passing year.
1. Examine Your Power Supply Daily
Daily, examine the voltage on your device( s). Be sure to examine coolant and oil levels also. Beginning the engine up as well as allowing it run for around five minutes will help you identify any other concerns you might not notice once you leave the generator.
Power Supply | Pinnacle West
When beginning the engine, turn on the main circuit breaker and inspect the radiator as well as compressor colder for debris. If there is debris, utilize pressed air to cleanse the parts. Evaluate the engine, compressor, as well as radiator for leaks, as well as the fuel and also coolant tubes.

Make certain to inspect the hr meter for any kind of future service( s) that might be due. You can locate the service schedule for oil, fuel, and also air filter modifications in your tools manuals. This will certainly guarantee every little thing is functioning as effectively as possible, and also it decreases the danger of damage and also downtime down the line.

A couple of basic checks daily can save you a great deal of cash on repair work in the future, and also it virtually ensures much less stress and anxiety from economic losses due to being down on the work.

2. Care for Your Hoses
Delivering more to your bottom line - New Graco Series 2 E-XP2 ...Hoses are responsible for transporting plural-component products to where they need to go. As a result, maintaining them in superior condition is crucial. To prevent your plural-component chemicals from freezing in cold weather, always bring your pipes right into the rig and hang them correctly on a hose rack. Be sure to maintain them kept and also change scuff jackets as needed. An alternative to typical scuff is making use of shielded or non-insulated items. These form-fitting items are made with a thick nylon that make them immune to tearing and also other environmental factors, while making use of Velcro to maintain them in position and also kind to the hose pipe.

When changing in between open- as well as closed-cell products, ensure you purge your B side with water so you don't infect and also lock up your whole system and the pipes, which can be pricey to repair. While you are not spraying, or if you are placing your gear away for lasting storage, be sure to flush both the An and B sides with an authorized solvent. Refraining so can force you to squander a lot of time on the following task trying to get every little thing prepped as well as prepared to go. If you have any type of questions, consult your chemical supplier or a tools professional on flushing processes, and also, as constantly, make sure to adhere to appropriate safety and security method when taking care of the products.

3. Purchase Annual Electric Motor Maintenance
If a motor is not in good working condition, your equipment can refrain from doing a lot. Having it serviced a minimum of when annually will certainly make a massive influence on your procedures. An expert in the field can take a detailed consider your system as well as identify whether new parts or repair work is needed. Be sure to utilize a devices technician who is qualified to deal with your brand name of device in order to guarantee appropriate upkeep.

Preventive maintenance checklist for centrifugal pumpsFor power sources, make sure to take your unit to a qualified solution center of the producer to ensure that all service warranties are promoted. You can go to the internet site for the producer to discover service facilities, and also your initial documentation might detail the terms of your warranty. This is a far better choice than waiting till your spray tools fails.

4. Maintain Spare Parts handy
The best option to prevent longer downtimes, in case a component of your spray machine is not functioning, is to maintain extra components available. This is a simple and also budget friendly action to take, and also it is a much better alternative than getting what you believe to be the issue at the time of failure.

Your spray gun is the component in your spray system that is more than likely to have problems. Its internal components break from usage more quickly than any other component of the spray system. Taking care of your spray gun is a bit extra tedious, but it will certainly profit your work and also company. After every job, it's important to get rid of any excess chemical from within the gun to stop build-up and clogging. It's an excellent concept to break down the weapon every now and then and also soak all the pieces in a cleansing solvent, thus removing any debris as well as cleaning the components. When rebuilding the gun, make sure to grease all the O-rings to stop them from breaking down quicker.

If you are not keeping your spray gun daily after splashing, you can end up with a great deal of issues that can cause you downtime as well as economic loss, so you want to be sure to maintain usual spare components on your spray gear in case of gun failure. Buying a back-up weapon in case the parts required are out hand is likewise a perfect means to reduce downtime on a job and also minimize troubles-- particularly if you are not currently changing the components as needed when they are failing. Transfer pump parts are other excellent extra components to continue your spray rig to ensure your system is always running.

5. Follow Service and Upkeep Schedules
Many layers specialists can agree that, as a result of the nature of their business, regular maintenance on their spray gear is typically overlooked. Lengthy days and requiring timetables can leave specialists having little to no time at all to execute regular and also preventative maintenance on their devices. Preventive and also scheduled upkeep on all tools is key to maintaining the components of your spray system running longer and without failure.

310666H Xtreme Mix 185 Repair, Plural Component Proportioner, U.S. ...
Describe each equipment supplier's standards for maintenance schedules. Tools suppliers and service technicians can also give you with precautionary maintenance to assist keep your system up and running. You ought to always describe the producers' routines for upkeep, but the complying with sample timetable will certainly give you a suggestion of what to expect:


Daily: Examine oil levels, clean air/oil external radiator, tidy cooler filter, and clean air filter.

1,000 hours: See guidebook.Air DryerDaily: Inspect that auto drainpipe is discharging.Regular monthly: Clean particles from ambient air filter, tidy with soap and water, as well as permit to dry before reinstalling.Annual: Change separator filter component.Spray Foam MakerDaily: Examine pump lubrication degree. Fill up as needed with throat seal fluid.Weekly: Grease circulation valves with suitable oil. Tidy particles out of electrical cupboard vent holes.Spray GunDaily: Grease weapon with ideal grease, drill blending chamber, and examine shutoff displays.As needed: Tidy blending chamber nozzle by involving piston security lock, usage right size drill to clean nozzle, make use of stiff bristle brush to tidy air cap, as well as clean liquid manifold, impingement components, and/or passages.Fresh Air System500 hours: Change inline outlet filter and inlet filter.DesiccantDaily: Look for shade change from blue to pink and also replace as required.

By doing daily checks, by complying with manufacturers' timetables for servicing your source of power part and compressor, by caring for your hoses, as well as by maintaining spare parts accessible, you'll have the ability to keep your plural-component sprayer at its optimum efficiency. If you ever have concerns regarding the upkeep to be carried out weekly as well as yearly, connect to your tools provider, who can give you guidelines for each and every element.

The bed of your truck is the most valuable part of the entire truck. You can dispose anything there. It is implied to be for rough usage. As you utilize it in the very best possible manner, you should look after it in the same manner. There are lots of methods readily available in the market to safeguard the bed. A few of the widely known businesses use thick rubber material to save the surface area from the damage, and some provide a drop-in or spray-in bed liners.

Nowadays, there is a resilient, trusted and affordable choice to protect the bed liner-- The Paint. Here in this article, you will get the details relating to the cost, along with the benefits and downsides of the bed liner paint job. You will likewise get the simple step-by-step guide to applying the material all on your own! Read further to understand more!

The expense of a bedliner
According to the experts, a bedliner can range in between $100 to $800 or an optimal $1000. If you want to do the paint job for the bed liner, then it begins with $80 to $100 onwards, and if you're going to go for some professional bed liner spray, it might increase t0 $800 to $1000.

The bed liner paint job is not too tough. You can complete a paint job if you want to do it on your own. One person can finish it within a couple of hours. Do It Yourself bed liner paint task is financially best for the owner of the truck; however, you do run the risk of quality by not going to an expert.

DIY Bed Liner Paint Job
Step 1: First of all, choose the ideal brand of paint for you and then start to your lorry aggressively. The right angle is more effective for the spinning sander.

Action 2: Clean the surface area of sanded paint with your compressor blower. Ensure you clean it well for the better output, tidy all the debris and other particles.

Action 3: Get rid of all the badges of the car so that you can prevent painting over them.

Step 4: After getting rid of all the badges, do some more sanding on and around the areas you wish to paint.

Step 5: Now it is time to rag and tidy the surface area so that you can clean the truck efficiently.

Action 6: After completing the procedure of sanding, stick some tapes to every part of your car which you do not wish to paint over! There are some locations like vehicle locks, manages, side mirrors, badges, and so on which need to not be painted. You can utilize newspapers and tape to cover these areas.

Action 7: Now, choose the liner color and the texture you desire. Take it and open. Kindly do not forget to stir it completely well. If you do not want to head out at some shops to purchase such instruments, you can likewise utilize drill and blender aspects to stir the color well.

Step 8: After blending the color, now it's time to pour paint into a container. It is optional but more suitable as putting the paint into the bottle will help you to dip and use the roll brush rapidly. You can likewise utilize large oil brushes.

Step 9: Do the first coat. Make certain that you paint in one direction to offer a better texture to your truck bed. After the first layer, wait for an hour and then apply the second coat. Take care not to leak.

Action 10: At last, after 24 hr, get rid of all the tape and newspaper from the car then stick all the eliminated badges. Your Do It Yourself bed liner paint job has been done!

Benefits and drawbacks of the bed liner paint job
Paint is cheap and spending plans friendly as compared to others.
You can get numerous color choices and can use them creatively.
It is durable and indestructible. It likewise looks great.
It is simple to clean as there will be at least 2 coats on your bedliner.

As you are not an expert applicator, it may not be carried out well.
If you do not have a garage or any closed locations, you might experience some bug holding on to the damp paint coat.
You need to give 24 hours to let the truck dry. So, it is rather lengthy.
You might miss some difficult to reach areas, or sometimes you may paint on the badges, windows, or side reflectors.
So, that's all for this one!

We hope you discovered this post informative and got all the confusion arranged. Gather as much knowledge as you can, concerning all types of bedliners and choose the very best one for your truck.

To receive more information about becoming a bedliner spray professional or getting a bedliner applied to your vehicle, fill out the form below.

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