The most important aspect of long-term business success is the capability to diversify. Just as spray foam training is a vital part of starting any spray foam business, so is training for polyurea applications. However, the effort could dramatically enhance a company's capacity to thrive in a growing economy.

Endless Possibilities

Polyurea is a technology and not a product or a material. There are so many different formulations that are available that are useful in a variety of applications. There are specific products to certain application areas, and there's not one material used in all application areas. 

So when it comes to the possibilities for applications of Polyurea, they are virtually endless: Pipeline coatings and truck bed linings, bridges, railcar lining, and track containment, waterproofing, fuel storage, tank linings, wastewater treatment linings, manhole and sewer linings, flooring and parking decks, water parks, and playgrounds, boats, ships and barges to name a few.

Future Trends:

Many of the future trends of polyurea technology that will happen are related to some of the unique raw materials being introduced and us finding raw materials available for years. But we've never used them in polyurea systems. And now, looking at these products in Polyurea offers unique performance characteristics or allows Polyurea to get into application areas where they traditionally have not been used. So those are some of the future things that we see with technology. 

The Three C's

So now that you have an understanding of what Polyurea is and what you can do with it. Let's take a look at how you should run your business. One of the most brilliant minds behind Polyurea once said the way he has made it in the industry is by remembering the 3 C's. Number one is that there must be a commitment. (1)Commitment from the standpoint of investing in the equipment, the required equipment that you're going to have the competency. (2)Competency from the standpoint that you need to go to the training. It would help if you kept up with the technology advancements on the products and the equipment, and various surface preparation techniques. Last but not least is character. (3)Character means, don't just try to get a job, have a job, do the jobs right, keep up with the industry, keep up with the training, and develop those relationships with the suppliers.